2011 M.E.A.L. Videos

At our first Milwaukee Employees Annual Luncheon (M.E.A.L.) in 2011, we invited the former Milwaukee Road employees to share some of their memories with us.  Nolan Weis and Peter O’Cain with Inland Networks Channel 40 interviewed them on video.  We’ve placed the videos online so you can hear what they told us.  Click the play arrow to see the entire presentation. To see specific interviews, click on the preview blocks below to watch the individual video segments.


Individual Interview Segments:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Jack Denning

Part 3: Dale Porter

Part 4: Steve Golubic

Part 5: Gary Pember

Part 6: Delbert ‘Dutch’ Rohlinger

Part 7: Gene Lawson

Part 8: Vera and Gene Lawson

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