CRF is looking for caboose interior hardware


Cascade Rail Foundation is looking for hardware to restore
the interior of former Milwaukee Road rib side caboose number 01988.

Our caboose was gutted, so we need to replace everything.

In particular, we’re looking for the hardware needed
to replace the pair of reversible seats.

If anyone knows a source for these or other hardware
components (like door hardware, a sink, a stove, etc.)
please contact us through our web site.

Ideally, we’d like to find components out of
another Milwaukee rib side caboose.

The picture at right was taken inside a Milwaukee rib side
caboose in Prairie du Chien, WI five years ago.

[click the pictures to enlarge them]

Our goal is to have the interior represent the way it looked
when it was built in 1946.

The picture to the right shows the restored interior of
caboose 01984 at the Illinois Railway Museum. It was also
built by the Milwaukee Road in 1946.

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