Gandy Dancing in the Rail Yard

We’re very pleased to share another video by Charlie Conway! Charlie is a Contributing Editor for Model Railroader Video Plus (MRVP), Kalmbach Publishing Company’s subscription video website. In this video, you get to see some of our fantastic volunteer gandy dancers building a track panel. Gandy dancer is a slang term for the railroad employees that build and maintain the track.

This track panel will be used to partially restore one of the tracks in the rail yard. We plan to build several of these and move them into the rail yard, where we eventually plan to display some freight cars and our locomotive – Milwaukee Road 5057

We plan to build more track panels later this summer. If you’d like to join us or just come by and observe, watch our website for information about our next work party.  

This video is part of the ‘Charlie’s Trackside Postcard’ series, one of three shows on MRVP about contemporary railroads and rail-served industries. While these shows are normally accessible exclusively to MRVP subscribers, Kalmbach has generously agreed to let us share this video free of charge to support our work. Thank you, MR Video Plus!

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