Facebook users, show your support!

Facebook is moving people to the new ‘timeline’ format, which includes a cover photo at the top. If you’ve changed your profile to this format, we thought you might like to show the world your support for Milwaukee Road history.  We’ve created a few different cover photos for you to choose from.  As we create more, we’ll update this post.

To put one of these cover photos on your Facebook page, just click on the one you want to get the full size image and then save it to your computer.  Then go into your Facebook page and move your mouse over the lower right corner of your cover photo to get the ‘change cover photo’ button to appear.  Then upload the image from your computer.   Enjoy!


U25B number 5057 leading a train out of Tacoma, WA in January 1980. Photo by Brian Ambrose.


Bipolar in the Cascades near Snoqualmie Pass (probably based on this Asahel Curtis photo)


SD40-2 number 25 rolling a train through South Cle Elum, WA (undated Gary Parson photo)


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