February 2013


The Friends of the 5057 are fantastic!  We’ve raised $2,400 toward the $3,000 challenge this month.  There is still time to get us closer to reaching our goal.  Any donations postmarked on March 1 or received electronically by the end of the day on March 1 count toward the match.


It’s time to show the 5057 some love!

Our anonymous donor from last spring is back with another $3,000 challenge.  From now through Friday, March 1, the donor will match every donation we receive for the 5057 Project (dollar for dollar) to a maximum match of $3,000. This doubles the impact of your donation! If you are thinking about donating money toward this project, this is great time to do it.

We are very close to having the $15,000 in hand to complete our purchase of the 5057 by the March 1 deadline.  We’ll complete that milestone if we’re successful meeting this challenge and we’ll also have a running start on our next milestone:  moving the 5057 back to it’s home territory and completing a cosmetic restoration of the locomotive.

These goals would not be within our reach if it weren’t for the generous “Friends of the 5057“.  Join them today by making an investment in the history of the Milwaukee Road!  Click the image below to donate.


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