Volunteers of the Year Announced

I’m pleased to announce our 2008 Volunteer of the Year Award recipient(s).

At today’s annual potluck event for this presentation, the CRF honored
Fulton and Lorna Toub.

2008 Volunteer(s) of the Year: Fulton & Lorna Toub of South Cle Elum

They put together our twenty-drawer artifact display which included all
drawer I.D.labeling inside and out.

They had the museum open Saturdays for 60+ hours during the Summer
months with subsequent public donations being substantial.
When asked to help with something, their response is “of course” 99% of
the time.

Our only regret is that we’re unable to clone them.

My address book is limited and probably does not include others who
would be interested in what’s going on in S. Cle Elum.  Feel free to
share this message with others.

Bruce Reason
President, CRF

(Watch for more photos to be posted in our gallery soon.)

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